Inspired by Moorish cuisine


The best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food tradition


Quality local produce


In choosing our ingredients we place an emphasis on naturally farmed local produce.


Located in Granada, Andalucia


We produce our extra virgin, certified organic olive oil in collaboration with a small olive press cooperative of local farmers in Granada.


As listed in Timeout Magazine´s Best London Street Food, Nazarí draws inspiration from Al-Andalus Moorish cuisine,
incorporating the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food tradition.
We are very careful in choosing our ingredients and place an emphasis
on locally sourced, naturally and ethically farmed produce.

Our side project is our olive and almond grove in our second home; Granada, Andalucia.
In 2016 we launched our premium quality, organic, single variety olive oil.

Contact us regarding our specialist events menus
including our Moorish Tapas options which are perfect for parties.


Our famous Falafel

Falafel Flat Bread Wrap

Our famous Falafel is made predominantly using British grown organic fava beans. Served with hummus, baby leaves, lightly dressed cabbage slaw, pomegranate molasses, yoghurt mint garlic tahini and chilli sauce with a scattering of pomegranate seeds.

Free range, naturally reared local chicken

Chicken Asado Flat Bread Wrap

We use free range, naturally reared local chicken in our flat bread wraps. The shredded roast chicken is cooked in its own garlic and parsley infused gravy with Moorish spices to give maximum flavour. Served with our own extra herby tabouleh, baby leaves, lightly dressed cabbage slaw, pomegranate molasses, Yoghurt Mint Garlic Tahini and Chilli Sauce with a scattering of pomegranate seeds.


Meat and Poultry


Willowbrook farm is an amazing non-intensive, family run farm in Oxfordshire. The animals here are raised in ideal conditions and are well looked after throughout their lives. They are passionate about their animals´ welfare and they select breeds for their all round health and hardiness to ensure antibiotics and steroids are not necessary at any stage. The chickens for example are truly free range and have plenty of space to roam about outside all day. The founders planted 3000 trees on the farm before they´d even built the farmhouse so the chickens, being naturally forest dwelling birds, have a more natural habitat to roam in. This all round care and consideration results in fantastic flavoursome meat that you simply wouldn´t find in a supermarket. The feed they use is non-GM and the farm land itself is certified organic.

Willowbrook are one of a very limited number of farms specialising in naturally, ethically reared and dispatched halal meats and have much detailed information about their produce on their website www.willowbrookorganic.org  Khalil at Willowbrook is also happy to answer any questions regarding the farm or produce.

Fava beans and other pulses


The main ingredient in our falafel is the organic Fava bean we source from Hodmedods. The guys at Hodmedods are passionate about promoting British grown pulses and when we discovered them we jumped at the opportunity to use the versatile Fava bean for our Falafel. This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint as we import less Chickpeas but also keeps our Falafel authentic, the fava bean being a staple component of falafel and many other dishes in many Middle Eastern countries.

Hodmedods work with small scale British farmers, thus supporting local economies and directly promoting these healthy staples.

See more about Hodmedods and their vision at www.hodmedods.co.uk

Flat Bread


We get all our flat breads from this legendary little family run bakery in Hackney. They make all their flat bread by hand and these make a substantial and tasty base for our flat bread wraps.

This is the best quality flat bread we have found in London.


At the start of 2016 we completed the conversion
of our 1974 Peugeot J7 van.
We can now take our full professional kitchen set up with us
to events and we think the van looks amazing too!

Our olive grove

Our olive and almond grove is located in the south of Spain in Granada, Andalucia. The land also has a few fig trees so in late summer we always have plenty of delicious sun dried figs! We maintain the grove using exclusively traditional methods. No chemicals or pesticides are used at any stage and the harvest is done by hand without the use of any machinery. The grove is located to the North of Granada capital between the villages of Guevejar and Alfacar and has wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada.

We produce our extra virgin, organic, single variety Hojiblanca olive oil in collaboration with a small olive press cooperative of local farmers, Cooperativa San Sebastian, in the village of Alfacar.

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As well as our J7 classic catering vehicle, we also have our own gazebo set up for private events so we are able to cater for all kinds of private or corporate events. Just get in touch with details and we can suggest menu and service options.

Phone: 07 720847974

Email: nazarilondon@gmail.com